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Free stuff . . .

Everyone loves goodies! 

Here are some free downloads for the kids.

Simply click on the image below to download a pdf and print away!

Colouring sheet from my book 'Dragons Under my Bed' by Duck Creek Press.

Colour and cut-out a 'Dragon' to make a puppet on sticks.

Colouring sheet for my 'Bee' buzzing around the garden.

Colour my 'Busy Bee' image and tape it onto a stick.  

Colouring sheets for songs 'Magic in Me',

'Dad, I wanna be a Camel' and 'No More Plastic Bags'

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Thanks for choosing

my free stuff for your kids!

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cake sometime?

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Enjoy creating.

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Kath Bee, Buzzy Bee colouring sheet
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Dragons under my bed, colouring sheet