Where am I? I'm in Levin

Levin in on State Highway 1, the main highway from Auckland to Wellington. You can see where I have drawn around it on the map. You can only see the ‘L’ and the ‘n’ of the word ‘Levin’ because Google knew I was in Levin and I am the blue dot!

Levin is the largest town in the Horowhenua District and Joy Cowley was born here. Have you read some of Joy Cowley’s books, for example ‘Nickety-Nackety-Noo-Noo-Noo’ or ‘Mrs Wishy Washy’?

I stayed in the Totara Lodge Motel tonight. When I went into the office to book in, I saw this amazing ship.

The ship was put together by Bo. They come in a kitset and he follows the instructions to put them together. He says it takes a lot of patience to make one. Here is a photo of Bo and his wife Jane outside their Motel. Bo came to live in New Zealand, from Sweden, when he was only 25 years old. Jane was born in New Zealand. They have travelled the world and lived in many different countries, in many different places.

They have 2 dogs and a cat. Here is a photo of ‘Onnie’. Their other dog is called ‘BB’. Their cat’s name is Kiri.

I love meeting people and hearing about their lives. Have you met anyone new lately?