Performances . . .

I have performed for over twelve years in many venues, from small kindergartens to large festivals,

solo or with my band.  I adapt to any situation and always get the audience moving, grooving

and interacting.  My songs attract a wide audience from toddlers through to ten year olds, which is

unique in the children’s genre.  Some of my songs, such as ‘Individuality’ & ‘Dad I wanna be a Camel’, have been sung by Kiwi kids for so long now, that even the over 20′s remember them and join in!  

One of the best things is that adults love my songs too.


Please email to book me at your event.

The Magic In Me Show . . . 

What do you need, to find the magic inside of YOU?

Popular children's entertainers, Kath Bee and Ms Fizzberry weave magic and music together in this

fun-filled, educational family show.  Sing, dance, be wowed by magic, put a smile on your face 

and laugh at the banana trick!  Aimed at 3-8yrs.  For more information or to book this show at

your school or preschool, email Kath:

Read the review HERE  

Fan Mail . . .

Weeks later, my daughter, (6) is still singing the tag line of the wonderful song 'Magic in Me' by Kath Bee.  What an awesome kaupapa and message to our young ones.  The magic is in them.  This show with Kath Bee and Ms Fizzberry  was an absolute delight.  We were captivated for the entirety of the show, both child and adult, taken on a journey with a wonderful mix of magic, drama, conversation and song.  The fourth wall of the stage was broken down, making us feel a part of the journey and joy.  I would watch it again and enjoy the impromptu reactions of the charmed children and the connectedness and skill on stage.  It was an added bonus that the message of the show was so positive and uplifting.  

Nicky Chalmers - Kaiako and Mum

Kath Bee is a talented, funny and enthusiastic performer.  Her songs are humorous, interesting

and relevant to children of all ages.  Our 5-10 year olds were captivated with her exuberant style

from the second they sat down in the hall.  And they didn't sit down for long! Kath had us all dancing along and performing too.  Mix this with balloon prizes, bubble blowing fun for the teachers and

clever songwriting ideas to motivate the children.  She was warm and friendly and happily spent time before the show with one of our younger children who need support in new situations.

I highly recommend Kath Bee.

Maureen Wilkinson, Lower Moutere School

I want to thank you for your visit today.  We all thoroughly enjoyed your performance, music and lyrics.

It was absolutely brilliant to see all the kids dancing, singing and pretending to be zoo animals. 

You have such an engaging performance style which ensured all the kids & parents were on their feet joining in the fun.  The show offered something for everyone.  Thanks so much.

Eve Marshall-Lea, Assistant Librarian, Wanaka Library

Her songs are super catchy & loved by kids & adults alike.  I ran a very large kids music programme

for a number of years & Kath's songs were always our kids most requested songs. I still to this day

(some 15 years after I started the programme) am known to break into one of her catchy numbers.  

Don't even get me started on the "Odd socks" song that is belted out EVERY TIME I find a rogue sock! Absolutely LOVE this gorgeous lady's dedication to her music.

Her live shows are BRILLIANT.  Cannot recommend her highly enough.  If you are like most parents & have music in the car for your kids, make sure to have Kath's music at the top of your list, these are tunes you will be happy to have stuck in your head.  Every child (& parent) should have the pleasure of listening to her music.  Great mix of wit, humour & life lessons all rolled into happy uplifting verse Kirstie, Mum of 4