Kids love New Zealand Children's songwriter Kath Bee!

Children have grown up singing her songs, ‘Individuality', 'Dad I wanna be a Camel', 'Seasons', ‘Dragons Under My Bed’ and many more.

NEW SONG - Magic in me

An upbeat, magical song to inspire children to believe that they have the power and the MAGIC inside, to be whoever they want to be and do whatever they want to do in their lives! Perfect for ages 4 - 10,

For Teachers


  • Add a new song to your classroom repertoire

  • Great for dispersing energy in the mornings

  • Perfect for school assembly

  • Inspire students' individuality

For Parents


  • Perfect for bopping in the living room

  • Fun video, perfect for entertaining the little ones

  • Download the song on Spotify and sing along in the car

A bit about me...

My passion is writing songs for children that will inspire them to feel a spark, a connection and an affinity with the lyrics.  My songs resonate with children from all walks of life, especially those who don’t ‘fit inside the box’ and my music is unique because it appeals to all ages – even parents!


I have been performing nationwide as a children’s entertainer for many years - fairs, festivals & birthday parties, teddy bear’s picnics, children’s day and other events, in schools and ECC's.  You name it, I’ve played there! 

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